A/C Roof Mount

A/C Roof Mount 24 Volt

24 Volt Roof Air Conditioning system.
It is no surprise that a vehicle as large as the HMMWV requires a substantial air conditioning system. We have developed two systems to meet the needs of our customers. Our roof mounted 24V option is the easiest to install. This system only requires the addition of a compressor, one 24V power and one ground wire to your existing vehicle. All of the other components are self-contained in our commercial grade roof mount air conditioner. This system is NOT just an RV unit that has been repurposed. By utilizing a compressor mounted on the engine we are able to significantly increase the cooling capacity of the entire system. The controls and ducting are located on the roof between the driver and passenger making installation as simple as possible. Let us know what you need and we will make sure we get you the right AC system. All Mounting brackets included to mount this roof AC to our aluminum hard top. Our Aluminum hard top is required for this installation. Also a 24V A/C compressor mounted to the engine is required. It may fit other applications but we don't insure fitment. 12V is available upon request
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