Most companies have interesting stories when it comes to how and why they came to be. Hero Customs is no exception. Have you ever heard of the American Metal reality tv show? American Metal is a reality TV show debuting on the Velocity channel In April of 2018 with the first episode on April 8. The show features various manufacturing projects taken on by a precision metal fabrication shop in Prescott Arizona. The first season of the show is primarily focused on the story of Hero Customs with the goal to create an entire product line of aftermarket components for Humvees. Starting from conception all the way through to final products, the show follows the team through the various challenges and successes of the entire project as well as some fun times that were had throughout the process. If you are reading this, you likely share our enthusiasm for Humvees as well as what goes into building up these amazing vehicles so please mark your calendars and join with us on our journey building Hero Customs on April 8th on the Velocity channel. In the meantime you can get a sneak peek of the show at Americanmetal.tv.

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