Hard Top


The hard top is an .090 aluminum cover that is above the 4 seats. It starts at the top of of the windshield and ends at the "C" pillar. The C pillar is included. The C pillar has mounting points in it that allow you to mount the hard top. The C pillar also has mounting hardware to mount either the wagon back or the 4 door pickup back. Our C pillar also has mounting points for the seat belts used in the front so you can eliminate the large boxy seat belt housing found in your typical 4 door humvee. The Aluminum Hard top and “C” Pillar is a “must have” for the Humvee owner who likes to ride in comfort. This top bolts to the factory locations and to our new and improved “C” Pillar. No welding required. In addition to protecting you from the elements, the new “C” Pillar provides more roll protection than the factory thin aluminum “C” pillar. It also provides a seal surface for the doors. Requires minimal tools to install. Comes with Hardware, gasketing and installation instructions.

* Being that all Humvee’s vary in fitment, it is recommended that Hero Customs install this at our factory with trained installers for an additional charge.

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