Seat base battery box enclosure

Seat base, Passenger front, battery box enclosure

Seat Base and Battery box to house all of your electronic needs. Including breakers relays and fuses.
Our CAD designed, laser cut, and precision bent front passenger seat base is the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to put aftermarket seats in a HMMWV and replace their huge Humvee batteries with group 78 batteries. This passenger front seat base bolts or rivets in place and provide a strong, flat surface to mount a seat and two 12V Batteries inside. It also includes two removable fuse panels that give you mounting for relays, breakers and fuses. We can provide the seats as well if you are not sure what seats will fit. Made from aluminum so it won't rust. Give us a call to discuss your seating options. We also offer seat bases for the rear that is the perfect option for those that may want to add air conditioning at a later date. We make a custom AC system that utilizes all the space under our back seat bases.
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