Tube ROCK DOORS (Full set, All 4 doors)

Tube ROCK DOORS (Full set, All 4 doors)

As seen on AM General ad on YouTube How about a full set of our killer tubular ROCK DOORS? These have heavy duty bear claw type latches. Doors will fit your stock Humvee hinges and hard door striker plates. So swapping out from X doors to our rock doors is a simple process. If you have the canvas doors you will need to use our Heavy duty striker pins (available at extra charge). Doors release with a push of a button. Kit comes with doors, latches, door mount male hinge pins, and hardware. Powdercoated black. Doors will fit the Humvee or Hummer H1. Mounts to factory locations of female hinge brackets. (Not Included) Nothing to drill or modify. Takes only minutes to install. Bear claw latches close with ease. Customize your Humvee and replace the stock doors with these after market ROCK DOORS to make you humvee stand out. Shipping will be charged and/or adjusted as below. These items may ship in 2 packages to save on shipping cost. We may need to adjust shipping up or down to accommodate for your location. We reserve this right to do so. If you want to see what your cost would be go to and input our zip 86301 and each package at 38 lbs with each box dim as 10" x 26" x 42" Remember to check residential and multiply X 4 for both boxes. This will give you a rough quote.
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