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TURN KEY Orange Humvee

TURN KEY Orange Humvee

Turnkey Humvee with 4 doors Hard top and Wagon back. Durable orange textured bedliner finish.
Hero Customs is a company that specializes in upgrading and retrofitting military HMMWV's for civilian use. For more information please visit and look under the builds section. Here is one of the owner's personal trucks up for sale. When we take possession of a military unit we first go through the drivetrain. We have former military mechanics on staff that know how to rebuild the portal boxes, brake system, fan clutch system, and all the other parts that are prone to failure on these units. We then fabricate in a precision metal shop the top, doors, windows, front light covers, structural "C" pillar, seat bases, etc etc etc ......... and in the end create one of these amazing machines. Here is what went into this unit. The following items were inspected: Tie Rods Idler arm Sway bar links Ball joints Arm Bushings Wheel seals Springs Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Fuel tank/hoses Shocks Exhaust Horn Emergency Brake linkage Air filter The following items were replaced: Wiper blades Center link (steering system) CV boots Front brake pads Rear brake pads Portal box seals Both batteries All 4 belts Engine oil and filter Transmission oil and filter All portal box fluid Coolant Headlights Front LED flood/blinker lights All other lights taken apart, cleaned, and bulbs replaced as necessary This Humvee has been reconditioned by the military and received the later 6.5L motor. Each of our Humvee's is completely stripped to the bare aluminum by Dustless Blasting. When we start the entire truck is shiny aluminum. The frame and all drivetrain components are then treated with a generous coat of POR15 to prevent any future potential for rust and corrosion. The under side of the wheel wells etc are treated with another epoxy paint that is made for aluminum. The interior receives insulation and custom fabricated flat sheetmetal panels on the floor of the entire truck. This greatly quiets the ride and insulates the truck should the buyer want to add AC at any time. We fabricate our own half doors with lift out plexiglass windows just like a two piece jeep door would have. These doors provide maximum visibility and protect the occupants from the elements should the truck be used for hunting etc. The dash is completely taken apart, every gauge cleaned, the lenses polished, and after painting the bezels, it is reassembled back into the factory dash. The headlights are LED with daylight running lights. We add our own custom blinker light covers and lights to the hood of the humvee giving it a modern and sleek look that also adds another flood light to the front of the truck. Custom seat bases are fabricated to accept our racing style suspension seat making the truck much more comfortable while providing added support in the event the buyer elects to lift out the doors and drive without them. This truck received what we consider one of the very best exterior coverings. The whole truck was shot with Raptor color matched bed liner and then the entire truck was painted with urethane paint of the same color. This gives the truck the ruggedness of the bed liner with a glossy smooth finish that pops in the light. It washes well, is extremely chip resistant and looks amazing. The interior is then covered entirely with carpet. The finish is excellent and makes the truck so nice most people don't believe it started life as a military unit. The KMC wheels and Toyo tires are brand new and finish off the unit. If the buyer wishes we can also build a roof rack and add AC for an additional charge. Look over our website for a complete list of what we can do to these trucks. We can even add a duramax if the buyer wishes. Call with any questions and yes it has a clean and clear Arizona title. The picture with the roof rack was included only so the buyer could see what it would look like should they decide to add a rack to the vehicle. The plexiglass windows for the doors were not included in the pics but are included with the vehicle. Here is a gallery of more photos:
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